Thursday, February 25, 2010

Do I need all this lifestreaming?

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One of the main complaints I see on Buzz is that Tweets and posts from Friendfeed look bad and   come all together after many hours. Some people seem to see Buzz as yet another lifestreaming and aggregating service. I've come to the conclusion that it is not and above all it should not be, at least that is not the way I want to use it. Most people I follow use Friendfeed to dump anything they do  elsewhere which goes from  Flickr's favourites, Google Reader's shared items to favourites. I'm fine with that and I do more or less the same. They also tend to post to Twitter anything that comes from Friendfeed and here we start to see some duplicates but I can live with that as I don't spend much time reading Twitter.

I  find it a bit weird though when they also import tweets into Friendfeed when they are not much more than posts coming from Friendfeed in the first place.  But now comes Buzz. For instance, most people will connect Google Reader's shared items with Buzz and will have Friendfeed import them directly, some also connect them to Twitter. Then they might  send the stuff they post and import  in Buzz to Friendfeed and Twitter which they would like to import back into Buzz. I think  I do not need all this duplication especially as most of this information is not even fresh and creative content in the first place, rather stuff  already  shared and re-shared by many other people.
I need to use services like Buzz to have access to good and fresh content with a community selecting it and adding value. I don't want to be overloaded by never-ending loops of information. I want t follow people that  can  help me discover new things, blogs, art, music  and ideas, I really do not want to see the same ten articles again and again and well again. I am ok with anything, by all means we are all free to use these services  the way we prefer, but I let the lifestreamers follow each other as I intend to use Buzz differently.  End of daily rant.

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